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Start practicing this wonderful sport whatever your age. Individually, with your group of friends or family. 


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If you have been playing golf for some time, but do not achieve the expected results, do not hesitate to contact us.


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If you play face to face against the field and want a personalized training to increase your performance, trust in this method.

My Teaching System is based on getting results in the field and not just on having a basic technique. To do this I base on four key factors so that the stroke we are going to execute generates maximum performance and this makes us improve our scores


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First we have to learn to OBSERVE that he is asking us for the blow that is in front of us. To do this we must identify the different variables to take into account, position of the balldistance, hazards, weather factors, hardness of the ground, … This will lead us to try to simplify the difficulties of this sport.


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With this data that we have collected previously we must take the best DECISION to execute the hit. First we must differentiate between the different types of shots depending on the distance and position of the ball, Putt, Chip, Bunker, Approach, Irons, Driver. Then we must determine the point where we want to hit, the club to choose, the alignment and the speed of the movement. This decision will also be based on the amount of risk we want to take depending on our level.


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When it comes to EXECUTING the hit we will rely on the Technique. We are talking about the movement we will make to hit the ball. In my case I look for Swings where the big parts of the body are the protagonists to achieve maximum consistency. This will be applied in all areas of the game regardless of the distance of the shot. 


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Once the ball is flying we must have the best FEEDBACK of what has happened, both the good and the bad things. This will generate a continuous learning that we will apply in the next Observations, Decisions and Executions that we will have.


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